Outdoor +Traveling


Outdoor Living Spaces

Have you ever dreamt of opening a door in your home and discovering a space you didn’t know you had? It may not be as novel as a secret room, but you can utilize the area just outside your back door and transform it into an outdoor living room. Think of it as expanding your home’s footprint without an actual addition.


Outdoor Living Resources

There’s a nip in the air, and it’s time to trade your rosé for a glass of red, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend the next six months indoors. Thanks to heat lamps and outdoor fireplaces (and down jackets), we can extend our time outside well into autumn.


How to Slow Travel

Remember when grabbing a backpack and a Eurail pass and hitting seven cities in two weeks sounded like a good idea? Now that we lead more stress-filled lives, rushing from place to place is often the last thing we want to do. What if you could stay in one destination, take in your surroundings at a more leisurely pace, and actually be able to relax?


Decorating a Vacation Home

You know that relaxed, recharged, rebalanced feeling you get from spending a week (or two) at a resort? That’s how you should feel in your vacation home. And because it’s a place to escape everyday life, the décor should look somewhat different from your primary residence.


Designing Your Vacation Home

When you were a kid, chances are your family spent most vacations in the same place every time. That likely shaped how you recharge and where you go to do it. And while traveling the world is always a rewarding experience, there’s something comforting—and instantly relaxing—about returning to a familiar destination.


The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re entertaining at home, everyone always ends up in the kitchen? It’s the social hub of your home—and where the food and drinks are—and thus where everyone wants to be.


How To Dine Outdoors

For many of us, the first of spring isn’t the when the trees begin to blossom, the birds start to sing, or even an arbitrary date on the calendar. Instead, it’s the first day that’s still bright enough to enjoy dinner outside—even if we’re still bundled up in our parkas.


Sustainable Travel

Whether you’re a beach person or a city person, travel is a way to connect with different cultures, appreciate the beauty of the world, and create memories to last a lifetime. It’s also an opportunity to protect and preserve our planet.


A Healthy Outdoor Space

It’s a beautiful day, and you want to relax outside with a book for a few hours. Which sounds more enticing: a random cluster of plastic furniture, or a living area filled with natural materials that’s just as cozy and comfortable as your indoor one?


Indoor Outdoor Living

Picture this: there’s a fire in the fireplace, you’ve just made a drink at the wet bar, and now you’re sitting down to relax on your sofa. But you’re not in your house—you’re in your outside living room.