New Year, New Intentions

If you’re the type to make new year’s resolutions, chances are you‘ve switched to organic foods, pledged to shop locally, or even planned a slow-travel vacation. These small actions can add up to lower your environmental footprint.


How To Read Labels

Chances are you’ve been reading food labels for years and know which ingredients to avoid. You might also choose clean beauty products. But did you know that many of the items in your home can impact your indoor air quality—and your health?


All Things Cozy

In spite of their long, dark, cold winters, Scandinavian people are the happiest in the world, probably because they’ve perfected the art of getting cozy. The Danish call it hygge, but it’s about more than a fireplace and a cup of coffee —it’s creating a feeling of contentment and enjoying the good things in life.


Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is real. Over the last 150 years, increased greenhouse gas emissions—particularly carbon dioxide—have trapped heat in the atmosphere and made the planet gradually warmer. The number-one source of these emissions: burning fossil fuels for energy.


Feels Like Fall

For many people, autumn means going back to school, changing colors, and pumpkin spice everything. For others, it means shorter days, the common cold, and even a sense of sadness as the freedom of summer comes to an end.


Feng Shui 101

Our living spaces have more influence over our day-to-day lives than we realize. And if things aren’t going as well as they could be, it may not be you—it may be your home. The good news? It’s all fixable.


La Dolce Vita

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ve probably noticed that Italians know how to live. It’s more than delicious food and wine; la dolce vita—the sweet life—is all about embracing simple pleasures every day.


Yes to Natural Light

The Scandinavian concept of Hygge has been all the rage for awhile. Who doesn’t love feeling cozy, comfy, and content? But Hygge is more than a cup of tea and a thick blanket. It’s part of a greater design movement that embraces simplicity, function, and connection to the natural world.


Tips from our Ancestors

Much like the paleo diet, there’s a lot to be learned from the past. From how they built their homes to how they cleaned them, our ancestors were pioneers in sustainable living.


Detox Your Home

Green juice. Raw food. Elimination diets. Sound familiar? Chances are, you’ve given your body a detox from time to time, and you’ve felt amazing afterward.


Creating Good Energy

At its surface, feng shui can seem like a mystifying combination of colors, elements, and directions. But there’s more to it than painting your front door red, adding a water fountain, and hanging a few crystals.


The Air You Breathe

It’s common knowledge that we should eat organic food, cook with nontoxic pans, and clean with natural products. We are conscious of what we consume with our bodies, but what about the environment we live in?  The next step in living a green, sustainable life is being conscious of the materials in our home, from the surfaces that surround us to the air we breathe.


How to Sleep Better

Have you ever had such a good night of sleep that you felt like a bear emerging from a months-long slumber? Remember that feeling of waking up clear-headed, bright-eyed, and ready to conquer the world?