Renovation Recap Part 2: My Home

When it comes to decorating your space, chances are there’s one element in particular that really excites you.  Some people are really into furniture while others gravitate toward textiles, and whether they realize it or not, nearly everyone has strong opinions on lighting.


Renovation Recap Part 1: My Home

There’s something about the start of a new year that makes people take stock of their lives and resolve to improve them. And that often extends to their homes. While summer may be high season for remodeling, winter is actually a smart time to do it, especially if it’s mostly interior work.


The Great Room: My Home

Picture the layout of your ideal living space: is it traditional and structured or an open plan that flows from one area to another? There’s no right answer. There are benefits to having separate rooms in your home—quiet, privacy, coziness—but there’s something so friendly and welcoming about a more casual multipurpose concept.


The Entrance: My Home

The entryway is like a welcome mat: everyone sees it, but they don’t spend much time there. And while it serves a very functional purpose—it’s a place to drop your keys, hang your coat, and literally enter your house—it also creates a strong first impression and sets the tone for your home.


The Primary Bathroom: My Home

There’s a reason it’s called a primary bathroom—it should be the most stunning one in your home, as well as a place where you can indulge and escape.  And while everyone has a slightly different vision, designing the ideal room comes down to prioritizing the features that are most important to you.


The Primary Bedroom: My Home

Although you spend most of your time there with your eyes closed, the primary bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you rest and relax, and where your body detoxifies.


A Nontoxic Kitchen: My Home

We all know the importance of eating organic food: it means consuming fewer pesticides, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients, plus it’s better for the planet. But the health benefits of a clean diet can be greatly affected by storing your food—plus dishes, utensils, and cookware—in an environment that’s off-gassing toxic chemicals.


A Fitness Sanctuary: My Home

There’s a reason working out has the word “work” in it—often the hardest part of exercise is actually motivating yourself to do it. But instead of dragging yourself to a communal gym, what if you had your very own personal fitness sanctuary in your home?


A Grounding Outdoor Space: My Home

There’s always a moment when you know a house is The One. It may be the light, the view from the kitchen, or an amazing spa bathroom. But sometimes, it’s what’s outside the home—in this case, a magical backyard that feels like a secret garden.


Healthy Home Construction: My Home

When you think about renovating your home, are you most excited about budgeting, demolition…or selecting paint, fixtures, and materials? Don’t worry—you’re not alone.


Renovation Planning: My Home

In theory, building a home from scratch sounds like a good idea: every last detail is tailored to your family’s needs, and there are few, if any hidden problems. In reality, it’s a huge financial investment and, in California, typically takes 5–10 years. More often than not, your kids have left the house by the time the build is finished.